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Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors

Your licensing board has published their rules, forms, and a place to search your status on this site.  



NCE Test Questions

National Board for Certified Counselors, Inc.


This link has sample questions for the NCE exam required for your license application.  Here is only one sample of the kind of questions you'll find on the NCE. For more go to the weblink above. 


In attempting to understand the life perspectives and characteristics of their clients, some counselors use Kohlberg's theory of moral development as a theoretical framework. These counselors know that Kohlberg's theory includes three progressive levels culminating in:

  • principled thought, wherein the individual adopts a self-accepted set of standards of behavior

  • personhood, wherein the individual is free from moral dilemmas

  • self-actualization, wherein the individual is fully humanistic

  • androgyny, wherein the individual exhibits both male and female stereotypic behaviors




Here's a Cool Article about How to Keep Groups Running Smoothly

It was first published in Addiction Professional Magazine (Nov/Dec 2014, Vol 12, No 6)

Interventions-Keeping Groups Running Smoothly