Create Stunning Self-Presentation In Social Media


Interns and Job Seekers

Put Your Best Foot Forward!


You've invested a lot to get where you are now!  Why blow it                                                                                 with a sloppy self-presentation?  If you want to make the most                                                                                 of your professional possibilities put your best foot forward.                                                                                  My suggestion is to comb through every piece of your                                                                                       presentation and online presence to make a cohesive picture                                                                               that almost screams,  “Hey!  I’m the best, most prepared,                                                                         eager and professional candidate you’ll ever find!” 


Think of it this way, you are on a marketing campaign to tell                                                                                  one story. Make sure it all fits, And, you are the ‘product.’                                                                             Repetition is OK, that shows cohesiveness—so put some of the same good stuff on LinkedIn, on your resume, on cover letters, or any other presentation of yourself.



  • Not the Prom

    • Seriously I met someone for a supervision meeting that had published a glamour shot of herself that looked like someone else altogether. It was a picture from probably 20 years or more earlier. Show yourself for exactly who you are today.

  • Not the Beach

    • You’ll never be doing therapy on the beach, so don’t show yourself on vacation. It shows you are not serious about working, just working to go on vacation. It doesn’t work in your favor. Show yourself in a business setting with an open and friendly stance and facial expression.

  • Not your kids, lover, neighbor, children or pets

    • Again, you want your potential supervisor or employer to picture you in the work setting as a serious yet friendly employee.

  • No Partying pics

    • Obviously! Especially for persons who are in addiction treatment centers. Carefully scrub your online presence for any pictures of yourself or friends that show drunkenness or something that can be construed that way. People can perceive what they see in pictures, so don’t let that be an impediment to your progress.

  • Not Romantic

    • I have seen so many pictures of people hanging onto their husband, lover, boyfriend or girlfriend, or worse yet, a cut off picture with just an arm around them. Your boyfriend, girlfriend, children, pets or whatever are not going to be at work with you. The only thing your employer will see is you at work. So, for your face picture on resumes, LinkedIn,, or whatever should only be you. Of course on other social media pages you probably do have pictures of your great family. That’s OK.


 Good ideas:


  • Wear business clothes that are conservative and covered up

  • You can still show stylishness and be covered up

  • For your Bio pictures it is only you in a business setting

  • For social media scrub for any pictures that can give a wrong impression of you, or that is inconsistent with what you do. If you’re a counselor who counsels folks struggling with addiction it doesn't look good for you to have pictures with people drinking wine and beer in your photos. That’s my recommendation—there are people who would disagree with me, but I think better safe than sorry. 


Personal Presentation

  • No pink hair, blue hair, rings all over your face and head—unless you’re trying out to be a tattoo artist—then it’s probably appropriate.

  • You don’t have to wear expensive clothing, just clean and business like.

  • If you’re meeting with a supervisor dress as if you’re on a job interview—because it is an interview and dressing properly expresses your respect for the process

  • Suits, dresses, or at least ‘casual Friday’ attire

  • Don’t wear clothes that make you look more like a fortune teller than a licensed master degree professional.


Social Media

Check for tutorials on how to optimize your page. There’s a lot of great info out there with an easy Google search.

  • LinkedIn--this is a great tool, and with a premium account you can do even more. But the basic free account will get you going. 

  • Twitter—I don’t Twitter, so you’ll have to check this out yourself. I’d make any online statements you make consistent with your graduate school teachings. No bashing anyone, careful about inciting others on current topics that are controversial.

  • Facebook—check your privacy settings, scrub for iffy photos.

  • Job interviews might present with the following question, “May I have your Facebook password.” Be prepared with an answer for that.


 Telephone Calls

  • Manners be polite and business like

  • Only call one supervisor at a time and give them time to call you back. They are busy professionals.

  • Don’t call a whole bunch of potential supervisors all at the same time, it’s disrespectful.

  • Don’t ask what the potential supervisor’s rate is up front. You wouldn't ask a potential employer that right away would you?



Get a good source or hire someone to help you write a top-notch resume. Make sure it is consistently represented on all your social media like LinkedIn.


“LPC-I”—show respect for and knowledge of the state rules and regulations by identifying your license or the license you hope to get factually.  For instance, there is no such license as LPC-I, but there is "LPC Intern supervised by ____."



 Good Luck! I hope these tips help you get your foot in the door of your dreams!


 (c) Debra Crown, LPC-S, LCDC   Plano Marriage Clinic

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