To offer you first rate supervision, I have developed a dynamic plan for what we will work on in supervison. Of course the state manadates specific activities as a part of the process, but there is still plenty of room for learning things you never learned in grad school.  


Because of liability issues--your professionalism in the clinical setting effects my license.  That is, I have to be sure that the interaction you have with your clients is professional and effective. That means a great deal of our time will be spend in case review.  It's a great opportunity to hone the skills you need in the moment to the benefit of the client. It helps tweek your treatment planning and learn which  methods are best applied to which circumstances.  All of our activities  have to be in the client's best interest so that the client gets the most they can out of therapy with you.


  • We will review the practical reasons for the rules and ethical standards set forth by the board. You'll quickly discern why it is so important for you to know--and how to keep yourself from ever going under board review for a violation.


  • You'll learn what resources are available to you to protect you legally, from board review, with a focus on legal issues in psychotherapy.  We will also discuss what to do when Child or Family Protective Services issues arise in therapy.  We'll talk about what to do when you get a subpeona.  Please keep in mind that I am not an attorney, so a big part of what we will discuss is how to obtain an attorney's advice should you need to.  We'll discuss the importance of effective documentation.


  • We'll talk about personal health information privacy,  and The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)  regulations.


  • As stated on my page Boost Your Skills! We will also cover a great deal of psychotherapy terms, methods and diagnostic and differentials.  Did you know there are over 400 evidence-based therapies?  Which one should you use?  Should you use multiple methods. We'll review and practice according to your interest and your client's needs.


  • We'll spend time on your method of delivering psychotherapy, and issues that arise in the therapeutic setting.  


  • We can also review business development, private practice, and marketing if you are interested


  • Recommended books: I will recommend a number of books 

    • ​Top Game-Changing Research

    • Legal Issues for Counselors

    • What Works in Therapy

    • Psychopharmacology for Counselors