New Year New Rules

LPC Intern Rules Amended by State Board


How to Advertise Yourself 


LPC Interns or Master’s Practicum Students there are new state board rules for you to note:


There has been some amendments to the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors, Title 22, Texas Administrative Code, Chapter, 681.  Effective January 12, 2015. As such, Interns should take note of this segment of the code:


Amendments to §681.52(e) preclude an LPC Intern from holding oneself out as being in independent practice; this limitation applies but is not limited to websites, advertisements, or intake documents.


Be careful not to solicit clients or advertise yourself, or even represent yourself in LinkedIn comments as seeking clients without clearly specifying yourself as  


Under supervision—your signature must say:  “Jane Smith LPC Intern, Supervised by Patty Jones, LPC-S" (or LPC Supervisor).

  • If you omit the term “Intern” substituting LPC-I instead you are in violation of amendment §681.49 (Advertising) that states anything that is incomplete, false or misleading, or omits a fact is a violation of state rules.

  • And in violation of §681.49, which states:

            (h) LPC Interns holding a temporary license shall indicate intern status on all                                     advertisements, billing, and announcements of counseling treatment by the use of the                   term “LPC Intern.” On all advertisements, billings and announcements of counseling                       treatment by an LPC Intern, the intern’s name name shall be followed by the name of the               supervisor in the same type size and font.


Under employment. That you are working at Patty Smith’s organization or another organization, not independently.  

  • §681.52  An LPC Intern may practice only under the supervision of a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor and may not practice within the LPC Intern’s own private independent practice of professional counseling.