Just when you've mastered your education,                          top rung of grad school! Right?! Ugh, but                              now you find yourself at the bottom rung                            of the professional ladder. So, what do you do?  Check out the articles on the next pages.


I hope the articles under this tab will help you navigate this period of time. It can be frustrating--do I get a supervisor first? Do I get the job first? How can I get the job without a supervisor?  You can call me with any questions you have about the process, but I would encourage you to read the articles, there's a lot of answers in them.  Mostly your supervisor has multiple roles mostly mentor, gatekeeper, your guide, educator, advisor and "getting your back."


I've got your back! 

So, what should you do?  What shouldn't you do?                                                                                       Find out what on the next pages.





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