The Difference Is In Experience


Where do you begin to assess who should be your supervisor?  What skills are most important to get the best supervision for your needs?  Certainly evidence-based therapy (EBT) is important, but did you know there are over 400 EBT's?         Which ones matter the most? Which should you use?  


The Most Important Determination 

The most important thing in your supervision is to make sure your supervisor is:  


  • A Board Approved Supervisor--this is a title, and it will appear on the supervisor's license

  • Current in their license at all times

  • Is maintaing all of the documentation you are acruing toward your full license

  • Knows the board rules and requirements for the supervision process


I am passionate about being a Licensed Professional Counselor!  I am thrilled when I see clients acheiving the results they want in the therapeutic process.  There are a number of methods that are evidence-based therapies--over 400 in fact.  Evidence-based means that the method has been subjected to laboratory studies, meets stringent statistical standards and has been replicated with large populations.   


All of the activities in supervision will utilize evidence-based therapies.  Some of the methods I use are listed to the side. This is a sampling of the methods I have found to be most effective. 


I had the honor of training from the top hypnotists in the country as well as Dr. John Gottman.


In my practice I have worked with persons with

  • Serious mental illness (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, obessive-compulsive disorder, major depression, anxiety) 

  • Distress due to personality disorders (borderline, narcissism, avoidant, obsessive-compulsive)

  • Addictions (marijuana, opioid, alcohol, prescription, and more)

  • Problems of everyday life (work stress, relationship problems, economic issues)

  • Couples in distress

  • Premarital counseling


As a supervisor I see my responsiblities as numerous

  • I have an obligation to ensure that our supervision activities meet the board's criteria for your full licensure

  • I have a duty to meet all of the required supervision activities

  • I act as a mentor and as a guide through your first 18 months as a provisionally licensed counselor

  • Provide you with top-notch supervision

  • With your help, by informing me of your daily activities I can help alert you to issues you may not see coming.


What I look for in supervisees are:

  • Earnest concern for clients

  • Earnest respect for clients

  • Earnest desire to follow state rules and regulations

  • Passion for psychology









Therapy Methods


Clinical Hypnosis

American Society of Clinical Hypnotists

D. Corydon Hammon, PhD, University of Washington


Cognitive Behavior Therapy


Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Marsha Linehan, PhD, University of 


Transactional Analysis

Eric Berne, PhD,


Redecison Therapy


Systematic Desensitization

Joseph Wolpe


Gottman Method Couples Counseling

John Gottman, PhD, University of Washington

Sarah (Burt) Drouin, MS, LPC-Intern Supervised by Debra Crown, LPC-S, LCDC

I've worked with Debra for nearly a year now as an LPC Intern with her as my supervisor. It has been a wonderful experience that I value dearly as an intern. Her wealth of knowledge combined with her glowing and personable attitude make her a joy to work with in any capacity. She maintains a professional and safe environment while allowing for the utmost level of sensitivity and understanding to her supervisee's and beyond. These characteristics create the largest potential for growth and development for any intern seeking supervision. I'm very grateful I chose Debra as my LPC-Supervisor and highly recommend her services.


Sam Means, LPC

“I worked with Debra as an LPC Intern. Her guidance and experience proved to be invaluable to me as a developing professional. She maintains an evidenced based knowledge of the field and has tremendous experience in the building and maintaining of a private practice. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a supervisor for their LPC internship.”